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Whats happened to the time...

Posted on Sunday, 1 May, 2016

I am blogging rather shamed faced after the long delay since my last blog.  I cant believe time has gone passed so quickly and so much has happened.  This has by far been our busiest few months every.


Compass Court has gone amazingly well.  All houses sold,  first one moving in within the next couple of weeks,  so exciting........ lots of hard work but well worth it.  If anyone needs to know about shades of paint, tiles, construction etc I'm the girl.  


Lettings...... while some of the agents seem to be struggling to take on property we have had plenty in.  Lots being advertised and they move quickly so letting quickly and plenty of rushing around. 


Sales..... this has been our busiest time EVER. We have had lots of properties needing to complete by the 1st April to avoid the increase in stamp duty so that kept us on our toes and moving forward still plenty to get to completion as soon as possible.   All of our sales work comes by recommendation which is wonderful but we need to work on the general public and get our name out there more.


On top of all that we have had birthdays, a couple of trips away and lots of fun...... burning the candle at both ends definitely springs to mind.....   bring it on....

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