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What a start to the New Year

Posted on Thursday, 23 February, 2017

What a start to the New Year.  Business could not be better. There is  a shortage of property to sell so the market seems to be saying but we have just taken on a beautiful house in Brixworth to sell and are managing another property in Brixworth that will be on the market shortly.

We also took on a two bedroom property in Aster Close that sold very quickly.  It seems our strategy of being keen on our pricing for sales and being prepared to negotiate with our sellers on our fees! along with the personal service we can offer is paying off.  Why go to purple bricks and pay their fees whether they sell or not when you can use us, our charges are similar and you dont pay us anything if we dont sell.  Seems a no brainer to us.

The rental market is as bouyant as ever but be careful landlords.  Tenants are more demanding than ever before and better to price the rent right and have a choice of tenants.

Whether buying/selling or renting the point seems to be.  Have a good agent on your side and life is so much easier.




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