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Its all go.....

Posted on Thursday, 27 October, 2016

Buy buy buy a car........ no stick with the house!


I'd like to attach a cable to my brain so that instead of typing my blog I could just send my thoughts along the wire.  You may say some of them are not printable but when it comes to my business I feel a flood of ideas, plans, all sorts just rushing out all the time.

I am not sure whether the enthusiasm  is for the business that we are in or the fact that working for oneself is so exciting, I think its a bit of both.

I have been having a little bit of fun and pain in the last month or so........ we decided that perhaps it was time to get a car for me to run around with the business.  Well we don't do cars, ask us to look at houses and we are there, we know what we are doing and get on with it.  Mention cars and we start to mumble, delay and generally not make a decision.  Why, because cars dont make you money unlike houses.  Anyway, I finally decided on a little mini so if you see me whizzing around town in my lovely cream mini with Slinn Residential on the side give me a wave,  she's super.


Its a funny old time of year.  We have a lot of landlords looking to buy and we cant find them any properties.  Its crazy, if you want to sell get it on the market, we have buyers.  Perhaps because of Brexit people are being cautions.  Come on we are British there is lots going on out there, sell, sell, sell, buy, buy buy.  If in doubt call us.

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