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Happy Christmas

Posted on Saturday, 24 December, 2016

As we prepare ourselves for the mountain of food and presents tomorrow I feel a moment of reflection may be coming.  What a year we have had.  Economically and politically some may say good things have been happening and some bad but I say bring on the change.  Lets look positively towards 2017, all the worry worts that talk down the market and the economy need to shut up and get on with it.  People need to remember we are a great nation and can look after ourselves.

On the rest of the world stage I am sure we are all worried about whats going on.  With wars and famine its not good and I certainly wont feel very comfortable thinking about those less fortunate around the world as I eat my Christmas dinner.

From a work perspective we have had a tremendous year, our involvement in house sales has increased significantly with lettings also doing extremely well.  Thank you for those of you who have helped, for being our clients and for recommending us to your friends.  This is how our business grows.

We have spent a lot of time, effort and money bringing our systems up to date to ensure we can offer the best and most efficient service.  We will be starting to use Docusign in the New Year which allows us to arrange for all our tenancies, terms and other documents to be signed electronically.

We have started using fixflow which is an online maintenance software.  If a tenant has a maintenance issue they can click on a link on our website and it takes them through a short process to notify us of an issue.  This is easy and quick to use for the tenant but allows us to have any repair request etc in writing.

We are also planning on updating our phones and IT systems at the beginning of the years so we really will be continuing and improving our business and profile in Northampton.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful Prosperous New Year


Jill, Duncan and Lindsay





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