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Bank Holiday again

Posted on Monday, 30 May, 2016

It may be bank holiday but that doesn't stop Slinn Residential.  Duncan manged to do an inventory this morning before heading off to the golf course!  We  have a massive amount of tenant move ins this week so its all hands to the pump, so to speak.


I am delighted to say that Lindsay who works for us is back in the office, all be it only for a few hours a day, following her hip replacement.  Can you believe she only had it done a couple of weeks ago.  Thats dedication for you.


All the houses at Compass Court are moving slowly towards completion.  Too slowly if you ask me but thats convenyancing for you!  But we need more.  I keep driving around the town and villages, seeing other agents 'for sale' boards up thinking.  Why are they not coming to us.  It can't be our price, we are as cheap as chips at 1% plus vat.  It can't be our service, no one works harder than us.  So it must be because we are not getting ourselves out there enough.  So if you see Duncan around Northampton with a sandwhich board, stop and have a chat with him!


In the meantime I need to get advertising more......


Had some good news on the personal front this week.  Declan our son got his first full time job this week.  I know he thinks he could run Slinn Residential and he may well be able to in the future but for now its into the big wide world he goes.  Yippee!!!!!

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