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26 May

Posted on Tuesday, 26 May, 2015

...well almost midsummer and now at last we have some warmer weather and the first test is underway, always the harbinger of summer. On the downside only a few weeks until the days begin to shorten!

With the election over the property market is now very busy. We have been negotiating to try to buy a two bedroom house for a new client who is dipping their toe into the market for the first time. The price of the smaller units have risen faster than the loss of England wickets on the first morning of this test, good news indeed for those with existing portfolios. Whilst the price of this type of property have risen, so have rents and you are still able to make a good return on your money. Price increases locally are feeding through to the mid range houses and we had three parties wanting to buy the house in Great Close, Chapel Brampton.

Rentals department remains very busy with two move ins this week and more prospective viewings than the wasps buzzing round my pint of cider.

At this time of year it is a good time to check the outside of your property. With the thunder storm season approaching pay particular attention to your gutters and rainwater goods which can give you a nice shower every time you go outside your front door... ...still save on the water rates!

Look out for our Derby tip in the next blog... ...and don't move to Midsomer, Barnaby will be on your case.

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